Why start counselling?

People come to therapy for lots of different reasons and everyone has different goals they are working towards. You do not have to be at crisis point to start therapy. A therapist can help guide you through your personal goals and develop self-growth. Speaking to a counsellor can be daunting for some people and make us ask ourselves, am I ready?


There are different personal goals we tend to strive towards during different stages of our life. Therapy can be a space to work on our communication skills, self-esteem and much more.

seeking change

Have things felt out of control recently or you’ve felt too overwhelmed to cope? Therapy can be a great way to reflect and look at yourself from a different perspective.


If you’ve been through a tough time, it’s ok to seek help. Trauma can impact us in different ways and therapy can be a way to help resolve past trauma.

Need to talk

Talking to a stranger can be more helpful than opening up to someone we know. In therapy, there is no judgement and you are welcome to be yourself.